Curious Kid

This game feeds kids curiosity!

If you have child eager to know what's inside every toy let him/her play.

In this game we give a child the opportunity to take apart an RC car. 
At first child needs to pick a car. Once the car’s selected the fun begins. Try and dismantle its parts by unscrewing and detaching them from the car. During this great fun kids can observe how things like steering system or driving gear work, learn their names and function.

The next step is to put the RC car back together, it’s like a puzzle game where you need to drag motor, wheels, spoiler and other parts over to the right place.

Success is rewarded with a great race game! All that kids need to do is to pick the car and put the pedal down, but watch out, don’t drive too fast and stay in the lane!
We’ve designed this game together with educators and parents to provide safe environment that allows exploration and inspires learning!